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Chocolate bunnies ready to hop into Easter baskets

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Chocolate bunnies, eggs and jelly beans are Easter Candy staples. Haven's Candies in Westbrook makes 20,000 chocolate bunnies for Easter. The have white, milk and peanut bunnies for sale.

Haven's Candies' Andy Charles said the store sticks with tradition, but is always looking for something different.

"We have a chocolate Easter basket, which is made completely of chocolate and filled with Easter goodies, like a peep," said Charles.

During the Easter season, Americans consumer 16 billion jelly beans. Haven's offers a giant carrot made of belly beans and "peas and carrots" jelly beans. Haven's also sells peeps, peeps covered in chocolate and peep pops.

For those who don't wolf all their candy down on Sunday, Charles said chocolate bunnies can stay good for years if stored in the right place.

Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

Why won’t my aging parents let me help them?

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A new appreciation for charcoal

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