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Portland Water District's TroutKids Program - the release

This month, students from nine schools will bid adieu to their aquatic classmates in the highlight of the Portland Water District's TroutKids Program - the release.  Before releasing their Brook trout fry, students will determine if the location is clean or polluted through various tests.  Students will test the stream for dissolved oxygen, pH, conductivity, turbidity, flow, and temperature and collect aquatic insects which are indicators of water quality.

Classes have spent the winter nurturing baby Brook trout eggs in chilled incubator tanks while learning the basics of water quality protection.
The TroutKids Program combines hands-on learning with study of a range of subjects, including ecosystems and biodiversity, water quality and pollution, habitat protection, trout anatomy and life cycle, data collection and analysis, and watershed protection. Many students have experience fishing for Brook trout; a species native to Maine. In the TroutKids program students put fish into the river rather than taking them out!

Schools involved

Dora Small School (Mill Brook)

Dyer School and Real School (Mill Brook)

Lincoln Middle School (Mill Brook)

Skillin School (Mill Brook)

Windham Middle School (Presumpscot River)

King Middle School (Mill Brook) * Afternoon

Westbrook Middle School (Mill Brook)

Westbrook Businesses