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Real Estate Thursday - Buying or Selling a Home is a Family Affair
Real Estate Thursday - Buying or Selling a Home is a Family Affair

Team Hampton and Robbins understands that selling a home or moving can add additional stresses on the family.  Here are some tips for helping the family and children cope with the selling and buying process.

1 - Different ages bring on different challenges when it comes to how a child may handle the move.  Very young children and infants may be confused.  Explain to them what is going on in an age appropriate conversation.  School age children will be worried about making new friends and teenagers will find it the most difficult as they have developed friendships that are extremely critical to their identity.  The idea of leaving their friends and having to make new can be very stressful.  Be understanding, reassuring and share all the positives of the move.

2 - Make it fun.  When a real estate agent calls to schedule a showing everyone needs to help out to get the home in showing condition.  Hampton and Robbins created a children's listing agreement.  We ask the children to do things everyday like make their beds, pick up their toys, help turn on the lights before a showing etc.  Every week they help their parents, they get to call us and tell us what a great job they did.  We then swing buy with a special award or prize to give them an incentive to continue helping.

3 -  Plan a Garage Sale.  Let your children create posters and signs for the garage sale.  Bring them with you to hang up the signs.  Have them manage a table or area of the garage sale where they can sell items and keep the proceeds.  Plan a trip to the toy store, go to the movies or ice cream shop so they can see the reward of all their hardwork in helping with the garage sale.

4 - Plan house hunting trips.  Drive through potential neighborhoods.  Take them on some of your showings.  If they are not at the showing take pictures and share them.

5 - Once you have found the neighborhood share all that neighborhood has to offer.   Take the kids on a trip if it is within driving distance to show them the schools, the playgrounds, amusement parks, beaches, lakes, mountains and any other places of interest.  If your children have a hobby or sport make sure you find places that they can continue their interests.  If you are moving further away take them on a virtual tour - your local real estate agent can assist you with finding an agent in your destination town that can get you this information. Visit the Chamber of Commerce website or tourist sites that will show all the exciting things you will find in your new neighborhood.  

6 - Stay positive yourself.  Moving is stressful for the entire family.  Make sure you take care of  yourself and reward yourself througout the process with something you enjoy to do.  Doing something for your or that you enjoy will help you destress and stay positive throughout the transition.  Your family can sense your emotions.

7 - A major change can be difficult for anyone nevermind a child.  Watch out for the warning signs that your child may not be adjusting - loss of appetite, problems sleeping nightmares, or change in behavior.  You know your child. If you see signs that he or she may not be handling the move well, get help.  There are programs and counselors that can assist in the transition.

8 - Check out your local library or bookstore.  There are books that can help explain what is going on.  Find a comfy cuddle spot and read the books together.  This may help them understand how and why they are feeling the way they are and what to do about it.

9 - Make a scrapbook for the old home and neighborhood.  Make a memory box where they can put all their favorite things from their old neighborhood and bring to their new neighborhood.

10 - Make a phone/address book.  Be creative.  Buy or make a journal.  Take pictures of friends and have them right their phone number and address so everyone can stay in touch.

11 - When packing make a special box with some of their favorite things. Let them decorate the box so they know it is theirs. Let them open it immediately and place these items in their room where they want.

12 - Once you have settled in go on a road trip.  Find a new favorite restaurant, store and activity for the family.

13 - Make sure the family knows the new address as soon as possible.  This is important in the event of an emergency.

These are only a few ideas of what you can do to make your move a smooth one.  Involving a real estate agent will help you with the real estate process and  transaction. An experienced agent has assisted numerous buyers and sellers with their real estate needs and will be able to offer tricks and advice to make yours the most stress free possible.

If you are thinking about home ownership now or in the future visit our website and fill out our Buyer Questionnaire.  Tiffany Hampton is a Mom of 3, Community Activist, Social Media Adventurer and Successful Real Estate Agent with Century 21 Samia Realty.  Have a real estate question or need? We would love to hear from you, visit our real estate service sites or  For more information about Tiffany or the Southern Maine Community please visit or email


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