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Councilor wouldn't be bothered if governor 'met his maker'

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Westbrook city councilor told about 150 people attending a public meeting discussing a Democratic tax plan Tuesday that it wouldn't bother him if Gov. Paul LePage "goes to see his maker."

Paul Emery made the comment during an audience question-and-answer session to ask whether the plan would help localities pay for roads and bridges.

"If he goes to see his maker it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit," Emery said.

"In some countries assassination is a political strategy," he continued, "but unfortunately not here."


According to the Portland Press Herald, members of the audience sat in stunned silence and several groaned.

Portland Press Herald reporter Steve Mistler was at the meeting and recorded the it on his phone. Mistler said when he told Emery he had recorded the comments, Emery grabbed Mistler's phone out of his hand and tried to leave the meeting with it.

"I also have no idea what he hoped to accomplish by attempting to steal my phone and leave the venue," said Mistler.

Several people intervened and told Emery he had to give the phone back, which he did.

"I'm fairly certain that he would not have returned the device had I not demanded it, or had several people not intervened on my behalf," said Mistler.

In an interview with NEWS CENTER Wednesday, Emery said he called LePage's office and apologized for the comments.

"All those years of faithful service, hard work, can be wiped out by one inappropriate remark," Emery said. "I made it. It was my mistake. I'm not hiding from it."

The chairman of the Cumberland County Republican Committee has called on Emery to resign. Emery said he is not stepping down, and he'll let voters decide his fate as an elected official when he's up for reelection in November.


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