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State Police and ITN collaborate to combat dangerous driving

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) - Maine State Police are teaming up with a non-profit group in Westbrook in an attempt to curb a growing problem in the state, older drivers who should not be behind the wheel.

The Independent Transportation Network provides low cost rides to seniors who have given up their licenses. It will now be working with police to get more seniors to join them.

Now when state troopers in the Greater Portland area pull over an elderly driver who they feel should not be behind the wheel they will offer that driver information about ITN and in some cases free memberships.

"So my idea was if we could provide educational materials and even free memberships to older people who had a problem then it would be much easier to make the transition from the driver's seat to the passenger's seat", said Katherine Freund of ITN.

Police say in many cases older drivers know they shouldn't be getting behind the wheel but they do it anyway because they think they don't have other options.

"They can't get to their healthcare providers, they can't go to the grocery store. By partnering with ITN Portland it's an opportunity for a service that they can subscribe to, if they choose to, that will get them to the places they need to go", said Col. Robert Williams of the Maine State Police.

It was a video now viewed thousands of times on the web that got the conversation started. Maine State Trooper Douglas Cropper's race against time to stop an elderly driver going the wrong way on a busy I-295.
















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