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Westbrook High's unofficial mascot is the cat's meow

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- For about a dozen years, students at Westbrook High School have been welcoming a visitor who's really... the cat's meow.

PHOTOS: Simba the cat

13 years ago, Simba the tabby cat followed a math teacher in the door when she fed him a treat. He's become a mainstay, making his rounds between her classroom, the guidance office, and the superintendent's office across the field.

The school is careful to keep Simba away from any students with allergies, and he's not allowed near food service. But students and staff alike say he brightens the mood every time he decides to stop by.

Westbrook senior Victoria Simoneau said, "He kind of sets the tone and reminds us that we don't have to be as stressed. We can be as relaxed as Simba and still get stuff done."

Art students at Westbrook High have dedicated their annual art show fundraiser to the cat. They've produced all kinds of portraits of him. Simba's owner, who lives right around the corner from the school, said she's just thrilled that her cat has become such big part of the local community.

The art inspired by Simba is on display at the Westbrook Superintendent's office on Stroudwater Street. You can stop by and see it Monday through Friday from 8-4.


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