Westbrook official apologizes for profane email rant

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Westbrook assistant city administrator apologized Tuesday for an email sent in February where he called a community art project the "dumbest f---ing idea" he had ever heard.

In an email chain, Westbrook Mayor Colleen Hilton, Assistant City Administrator William Baker, artist Michael Shaughnessy, City Administrator Jerre Bryant and City Planner Molly Just were discussing a sculpture project Shaughnessy was working on for the city's riverwalk. The project was to be birdhouses.

In an email just to Hilton, which was read out loud at a city council meeting Monday, Baker not only expressed his dislike for the project, but other things bothering him. In the email, he started with, "Here is what I wanted to say" and addressed it to the artist, Shaughnessy.

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Westbrook Council calls councilor's behavior unacceptable

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- The Westbrook City Council formally addressed the comments a councilor made about Gov. LePage last week. Councilor Paul Emery said, "if [LePage] goes to meet his maker it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit" and "in some countries, assassination is a political strategy, but unfortunately not here."

Emery's controversial comments made the comments last Tuesday at a Democratic Town Hall meeting in front of a crowd of about 150 people. When NEWS CENTER spoke to him the day after the public forum, he said he's sorry to the public. He also called the Governor's office to apologize.

The city council voted 6-1 in favor of a measure Monday that urges Emery to examine whether his staying on the council is in the city's best interest. Despite the outcome, the city council cannot remove him from his position. There is no city ordinance that allows the council to do that.

Councilor wouldn't be bothered if governor 'met his maker'

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- A Westbrook city councilor told about 150 people attending a public meeting discussing a Democratic tax plan Tuesday that it wouldn't bother him if Gov. Paul LePage "goes to see his maker."

Paul Emery made the comment during an audience question-and-answer session to ask whether the plan would help localities pay for roads and bridges.

"If he goes to see his maker it wouldn't hurt my feelings a bit," Emery said.

"In some countries assassination is a political strategy," he continued, "but unfortunately not here."

Westbrook Police investigating supermarket robbery

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Westbrook Police are looking for a man who allegedly robbed the Shaw's on Main Street Tuesday night.

Around 6:30 p.m. police said a man approached a clerk at the supermarket and told him he had a gun. He then allegedly demanded money from the drawer. The clerk gave the man money and then he fled, getting into the passenger side of a dark colored sedan, said police.

Police said no firearm was actually displayed during the robbery. The car was possibly a Mercury Milan or a Ford Fusion. Police describe the man as being 28 to 33-years-old, as 5-foot-11-inches to 6-feet-2-inches tall and around 185 pounds.

Anyone with information about the robbery is asked to contact Westbrook Police.

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Benefit concert for human trafficking safe-house

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Maine's first human trafficking safe-house is scheduled to open this spring, and to keep the shelter running, it will need community support. Saint Andre Home is received donations and recognition through a benefit concert in Westbrook Wednesday night.

Hundreds attended the "End It Maine" concert and silent auction at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center. The event featured comedian Karen Morgan, and musical acts Motor Booty Affair, North of Nashville, and Steve Azar.

All the proceeds will help Saint Andre Home provide services to victims of human trafficking.

"These women are going to be coming in with the clothes on their backs, and that may be a prison uniform," said Saint Andre Home Executive Director Reid Scher. "What the money basically is doing is help these rescuers build a life."

How to relieve a killer hangover

How to relieve a killer hangover

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Country music joins local artists to combat human trafficking

WESTBROOK, Maine (NEWS CENTER) -- Local artists and a big name in country music are coming together to combat human trafficking.

Steve Azar, North of Nashville, Motor Booty Affair and comedian Karen Morgan will all be performing Wednesday night at the Westbrook Performing Arts Center.

South Portland police Sgt. Steve Webster has spent the last few years working to help women forced into prostitution, many as young as 14 years old.

Sgt. Webster said most of those women will go to jail for selling their bodies, but then they're back out on the streets because they have nowhere else to go.