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Nappi Distributors Partners with Home Runners to Provide Free Service on St. Patrick's Day
Nappi Distributors Partners with Home Runners to Provide Free Service on St. Patrick's Day


~ First time service will be available free to the public ~



 According to Nappi Distributors, beer sales on St. Patrick's Day are typically 20 times greater than on an average day. This year, Nappi Distributors and Home Runners are taking a historic step to make sure Mainers get home safe on St. Patrick's Day. Nappi Distributors will pay the cost for people to use Home Runners designated-driver service on March 17, 2015.

St. Patrick's Day is a unique holiday for beer consumption because

individuals tend to drink for longer periods of time, in some cases over the course of the entire day. By making the Home Runners service free to use, Nappi Distributors plans to raise awareness about the service and encourage responsible decisions.

Home Runners is a transportation service for people too impaired to drive safely. As an alternative to a cab ride, a driver from Home Runners drives the person home in their own vehicle, eliminating the inconvenience for individuals having to retrieve their car from the bar or restaurant the next day.

"St. Patrick's Day has always been a very busy day for our company. We've had a great partnership with Nappi since we started our company and this year, with their support, we're going to be able to add more staff and offer the free service to more people than ever before. In turn, we believe this will lead to more awareness about our unique service and encourage people to plan ahead and make responsible decisions," said Dan Furst, owner of Home Runners.

Home Runners, a locally owned company, will start providing free transportation on March 17 at 10 a.m. and continue through 2 a.m. on March 18.

In the Portland area, the cost of a 10-mile ride from Home Runners averages $45. The Home Runners' driver can also drop off additional individuals in the vehicle within a similar mile radius for $5. In addition to Nappi Distributors, Shipyard Brewing and Residential Mortgage Services are also sponsoring the free rides.

Since January, Nappi Distributors has been working with on-premise accounts to prepare for the holiday. As one of Maine's largest distributors, the company works closely with retailers, especially restaurants and bars, to plan the logistics behind what will be one of the busiest days of the year for the company.

"There is no doubt that beer consumption increases dramatically on St. Patrick's Day. At times, we have to make two beer deliveries to some of the most popular bars. We recognize our job also comes with responsibility and we are proud to partner with other great local companies on what will be one of the busiest days of the year," said Chris Black, director of sales at Nappi Distributors.

Nappi is one of Maine's independent beer and wine distributors that provide efficient access to market for all beer and wine brands to all licensed retailers throughout the state. The company is a member of the Maine Beer & Wine Distributors Association and one of Maine's oldest beer and wine distributors, dating back to 1933. The company employs nearly 200 people and today serves more than 1,000 retail locations across Maine.

Nappi Distributors also supports the St. Patrick's Day Plunge that benefits the Portland Firefighters Children's Burns Foundation. This year, Nappi Distributors has 10 employees participating in the annual event at 5:30 a.m. on Portland's East End Beach. The company is also donating $1,000 to support the cause and the fundraising auction at Ri-Ra in Portland.












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